About Us

End to End Technologies has been active in the radio broadcasting and consulting industry for over twenty years. Combined with a background in IT consulting, the staff of End to End Technologies has a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the broadcasting industry.

End to End Technologies has developed the AudioCompass™ software products to provide an affordable, yet powerful, software solution for broadcasters worldwide. The AudioCompass™ Audio Over IP software project began in 2006 when End to End Technologies President, Sam Bushman, went on a quest for an alternative choice from expensive broadcasting hardware, and difficult to find ISDN lines.

We are dedicated to providing quality products and services; to streamline, from end to end, your company’s technology options. We value our customers and thank you for your support and confidence in us.

End to End Technologies is based atop the Rocky Mountains in the beautiful Beehive State of Utah.

Using AudioCompass™ Direct Connect - Examples

Below are examples detailing how AudioCompass™ is actually used in the field.

Sports Broadcaster

We continue to struggle with excellent quality sports broadcasts. We have used cell phones, POTS lines and other options. Whenever a broadband Internet connection is available, we find AudioCompass™ gives us the best quality audio available. Since it is software running from our laptop, we can also browse for other sports scores, weather reports, facts about sports, etc. – enabling us to have great play-by-play out in the field as well as Internet access for text chat and information for our broadcasts. Even when the Internet connection is not the best, we can use the buffer option in AudioCompass™, creating a slightly longer delay but ensuring a better and more reliable connection.

Remote Talk Show Host Joins the Mix with Quality Audio

I am a daily talk show host who connects to our satellite uplink facility via ISDN. I’m in studio but our calls, music bumpers, etc. are aired by the network uplink 2000 miles away. I have a co-host who frequently joins me on the program. Because he travels quite frequently, it is difficult to get quality audio for him. We have used POTS codecs but don’t like paying the long distance charges. Also, we find that many times we don’t get a good quality connection. Expensive hardware devices have not been a good solution because they are heavy, take time to setup, etc. We started using AudioCompass™ some time ago and find the simple software solution only requires my remote host have broadband access to the internet. We now have great remote quality audio from my remote guest host. We actually both sound like we’re in studio and no long distance charges are incurred!!

Advertiser Remotes

Almost any business we go to for remotes has broadband internet connectivity. This works perfectly for the AudioCompass™ remote broadcast solution. We simply bring our remote mixer, headsets, cables, and laptop and we’re ready to go. If we have any issues, most companies have an IT person that can give us details, allowing us access to their Internet connection. Once the laptop is successfully on the Internet, AudioCompass™ just works. No expensive hardware, very simple setup and we’re On the Air for our live remote.

LOW Delay from Home Studio

I broadcast a local talk show on our radio station from home (it’s just easier that way). Since both Internet connections (my home and the station) are using the same Internet provider, we have incredible connectivity between the two. It acts as an Intranet because both locations are within our Internet provider’s network. This means we virtually have a WAN between our two locations. I can connect using AudioCompass™ and broadcast excellent audio with incredibly low delay to our studio. The delay is low enough to interact, real time, with callers ON-AIR without a hitch. (This can work over the Internet as well if you have good connections on both ends).

Help - Downed Telephone Lines - No Sports on the Radio

Our radio station had a high school sporting event ON-AIR. The remote sports broadcaster was connected via a cell phone to the studio, giving play-by-play. There was no Internet connectivity at the stadium or we would have been using AudioCompass™. With 20 minutes left in the playoff game, the telephone lines went down in our section of town, affecting our studio lines. Our sports broadcaster called one of our remote talk show hosts who had a hybrid in his remote studio. He then connected to the station with AudioCompass™. The station's Internet was still up. Only missing a few minutes of the game, we were up and running because of great engineers and AudioCompass™.

General Manager snowed in & Can't Reach Studio

I'm the General Manager of a radio station about 50 miles from my home. I drive in every day to do a local morning show. Once in a while, the weather is too bad and I just can't make it in. Hooray for AudioCompass™. On those days when I don't want to risk the snowy drive, my local employees run the board and I'm ON-AIR. Nobody can tell any difference cause the audio sounds so good. It's awesome having such a great backup option. Some days I'm tempted to hook up with AudioCompass™, even if it isn't snowing!