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Radio networks, radio stations, and remote broadcasters need a new, reliable technology; a.k.a. Audio Over Internet Protocol (AOIP)!

Imagine a GUI based point-to-point software solution, Single EXE Application with no dependencies, that supports mono and stereo, remote control of serial devices, in a one-time purchase application.

Allow AudioCompass™ to transfer low-delay, crystal-clear audio over the Internet from one location to another.

If you can browse the web, you can go live with AudioCompass™. After initial setup, one-click and you're ON AIR.

AudioCompass™ is the perfect software solution for your remote broadcasting needs.

Consider AudioCompass for sporting events, live remotes, remote talk show hosts, pre-recorded broadcasts/soundbites from the field and MORE!

Note: AudioCompass™ licensing consists of one user license per machine.

To Go Live with AudioCompass, you need two licensed copies of the software at a minimum – one license for each end of the connection.

Purchase AudioCompass™ Direct Connect TODAY through your favorite Broadcast Equipment Supplier.



"No antennas, no bulky steel boxes with plastic knobs, no coax, no electrical cords....that describes how we do our Remote Broadcasts using AudioCompass™! Our Remote gear is a laptop, two mics and the best thing ever, AudioCompass™ software! Our competitors see us at a high school football games and are in envy that we are set-up and ready to go on air in less than five minutes. Sam and his team are the best and have come up with a software program that is a broadcaster's new best friend!"

Greg Peiffer
Port Clinton, OH


"What a week! If you are ever offered a radio show and need to connect Via the internet to the Radio Station, You have only one good option...Get AC DC Aka AudioCompass™.
Often after I purchased a product over the Internet, you are on your own. This is not the case here! I have never had a company take the time to help me install, get it running, even testing to make sure it was all good. This is way over and beyond what I expected. Thank you all so much for helping me. If there were a 10 star rating I would give it to AudioCompass™.
I was offered a national Radio show try out after being out of the business for 18 years. When I left radio it was phone lines and analog hardware, of course now-a-days every thing is internet. After hearing and using this program I understand why. With this soft-ware it is like being inside the radio station, not 1400 miles away; no lag time and very clear. I worked in studios where the sound was not as good when you were in the next room.
I don't understand how it works, but now I click a couple buttons and I feel like I am working at the station, not half the country away.
Thanks again for getting me up & running as well as bringing me back to the air ways. I literally could not have done it with out you.
Thanks again for all your help!"

Fishin Franks


"Advertisers love our simple and efficient remote booth! We sat up in the bank lobby for a remote celebrating their grand opening. Meanwhile, our competitor was outside, in wicked thunderstorm trying to attach mast poles to the side of their van to get a Marti shot back to their studios. With AudioCompass™, we were on the air in less than 5 minutes...our competitor never did get on the air! Guess which station has been back to do three more remotes and who's never been back?"

Greg Peiffer


"It has been a pleasure dealing with Sam from AudioCompass™.
We have been looking for a G.722 software program and we have found it.
Easy to use, problem free and inexpensive, what more could you ask for."

Jim Kraemer
Broadcasters General Store


"I'm happy to report that AudioCompass™ gets a thumbs up from our products eval team."



"As an air talent, there is no worse feeling than rolling into a remote with a cell phone to broadcast with. It's 2010, and there is no excuse for having cell phone quality audio on the air when a product like AudioCompass™ exists. We all know what station budgets are like these days, and who can afford thousands of dollars worth of field and studio equipment? The good news with AudioCompass™ is that you no longer have to settle for inferior audio, and you don't have to fire one of your 3 remaining employees to make it happen. No more bulky antennas, rusty tripods, or cracked coaxial cable... Just a laptop and a mic, and we're live with excellent quality audio from anywhere in our listening area. Make your remotes sizzle, and start living up to the expectations of your clients and listeners. Use AudioCompass™."

Listen to a LIVE air check from WFGF - The Frog, using the G.722 codec - 22 khz, 56kbps with 250 ms buffer

Dave Crosser
Operations Director
Maverick Media of Lima, OH


"When you're on a radio remote, connectivity to your studio or network head end can always generate sweaty palms. Every year we take Cruise Control Radio on the road during the month of August and head to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for the "Corvettes at Carlisle" show.
In the past we used POTS codecs with mixed results. You always had to worry about the availability of a decent phone line and how the junction boxes were wired. We would typically use a fax phone line to connect our POTs Codec to our studio, however, we came to discover the line daisy chained around the show grounds and if someone tried to fax something, we would be knocked of the air.
The pressure was on for the 2009, Cruise Control Radio show. We had a full two-hour live remote packed with interviews with everyone from Corvette engineers to the legendary, Mario Andretti.
What's that saying 'failure was not an option?' We swapped the POTs Codec for my laptop running the AudioCompass™ software. Our remote studio included four professional mics running into a small mixer that feed a USB audio interface connected to my laptop running AudioCompass™.
The AudioCompass™ set up worked flawlessly, allowing us to easily connect to our network studio and head end. No on air signal drops or pops were noticed at any time and the sound quality was excellent using the G.722 codec.
AudioCompass™ has allowed Cruise Control Radio to travel and broadcast from any location we choose. All you need is a decent internet connection, and that's a lot easier to come by these days than a POTs line.
Just for fun, I often test the connection to our studio using AudioCompass™ from hotel rooms and hotspots and there is never a problem, hooking into the studio.
Thanks to AudioCompass™ my palms are a lot less sweaty!"

Fred Staab
Co-Host and Producer Cruise Control Radio
Cruise Control is heard in 60 Markets and on three syndicated networks.
Large market cities include Boston, Philly, Dallas, and Pittsburgh.
Check out our pod cast edition on Itunes and our site www.cruisecontrolradio.com for more info.


"I'm asked all the time if it's true - can the internet really offer a stable, studio quality broadcast connection? It absolutely can.
For the last year that I did a syndicated weekend talk show, I did it using AudioCompass™. The audio quality was better than ISDN, delay was fine for doing two way conversation with callers, and the connection was stable. I found all this quite surprising, but I didn't complain.
Plus, life is fine without having to pay for minutes or a monthly ISDN line fee. I particularly like the portability AudioCompass™ offers - doing remotes is easy, and it saved me the cost of a studio rental when I went to Florida for my winter getaway."

Todd Feinburg


"Three years of using a Codec to link up with the production studio for a two-hour talk radio show that's broadcast across the country was enough. However, when you add in the drops and digital stutters, it was maddening.
When a production engineer from Langer Broadcasting called me up and said 'we’re gonna go a different route', I was skeptical. However, I downloaded the trial version of AudioCompass™ and not only tested it with the production office, we did two shows with no incident!
I made the purchase of this software and was thoroughly impressed with the attention given by AudioCompass™ Technical support in setting this computer illiterate mouthpiece. Thanks AudioCompass™!!! The sound quality and dependability will have me using this product for years!"

Rob Doherty
Outdoors this Week


"AudioCompass™ is on the cutting edge of remote broadcasting and where you need to be if you are a forward thinking company. Gone are the days of microwave shots and ordering ISDN lines. There's a new world of remote broadcasting and the internet is where it's at... AudioCompass™ is leading the way."

Al Camaione
Partner / Chief Information Officer
Atlantic Broadcasting Group


On June 16th, 2008, USTalkNetwork.com launched a 24/7 Talk Network. It would not have been possible without AudioCompass™.
We have hosts all over the U.S. that connect to our master control in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We could not afford other ways of connecting to our remote studios. No need for ISDN or T1 lines.
If you have high speed Internet, all you need is AudioCompass™, a laptop, microphone and headphones and you are live from anywhere with great sound that you can depend on. My engineer friends said it would not work (LOL)...they were wrong.

Lee Michaels
USTalkNetwork.com LLC